Friday, 3 April 2015

Grand Opening Day 1 Performers

The three day list of performers is now available from the advertising boards inworld. I have a fantastic line up for you all with a good mix of professional and amateur singers, seasoned second life live entertainers, new to the scene entertainers, a magician, an excellent fire and light show and two open mic sessions on the Friday and Saturday
I am really looking forward to the open mic's to see what people bring to the stage. I hope at least one person turns up with something completely outrages lol
So here we go, The Bamboo Koi Theatre Grand Opening Artists

Thursday 9th April

9am - 11am - DJ Uzo

Everyones favourite. We let him out of the cupboard under the stairs especially for the grand opening
Deeeeee   Jaaaayyyy UZOOOOOOOOOOO
You can't go wrong with Uzo's chatty humour and his ability to mix tunes that everyone enjoys

11 - 12pm - Realsom

Fairly new to the SL music scene and joining us from Belgium is Toorealsom
Real was in the Karaoke bar when I first set off on my talent scouting adventures. He was practicing a new tune and oblivious to my presence. He sings and composes many of his own songs along with favourites that we all know and love.

12 - 1pm - Miss Longtail

Next up on stage to delight you with her voice is Susan, aka Miss Longtail.
When I asked her if she would perform at my opening night she asked if minded kitty kats
Dayum I dont care, this lady can sing. A very musical tiny little kitty singing a wide range from jazz to blues to mellow rock, all depending on mood and occasion.

1 - 2pm - Diane

Diane grew up singing in clubs professionally and enjoys singing music from nearly any genre.  Country, Pop, Oldies, or Classic Rock.
Her vocal style has been compared to Stevie Nicks but in her own words
"I mimic no one, instead endeavoring to make each song I sing my own.I can't promise that everyone will like my music, but I will promise that each song I sing will be from the heart and done to the very best of my ability"

2 -3pm - Open Mic

2pm is a break for the pro's and time to entertain with anything that you got. The stage is yours. Anything could happen during this hour from new talent, karaoke performers, juggling acts, acrobats who found a freebie animation set and wish to try it out in front of an audience so come along and have some fun.
If you have an act which takes longer than an hour and would like to perform please get in touch with me on here or in world and I will organise a time slot for you

3 - 4pm - Mihaere Shamen

Following the fun and frolics we have seasoned professional Mr Mihaere Shamen, ladies and gents
Mihaere is  an established entertainer in Sl, Nominated in Avi Choice Awards(2015) for best jazz artist & musicians.
His cabaret style Of entertaining, utilizing uudience participation, dynamic vocal ability, & personality make Mihaere consummate entertainer.
His eclectic songlist ensures that audience requests are fairly easy to fulfill. He sings & enjoys many genre of music and is a true entertainer.

4 -5pm - Rham

Laid back is the phrase that springs to mind with Rham.
Singing and strumming his guitar live from Indiana. Rham's musical influences are Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Neil Young and many others
Rham is another one of our performers whi is relatively new to the second life world of entertainment but is enjoying it thoroughly

5- 6pm - Sagia  Monroe, Celion Dion Tribute

Closing the show for us on the Thursday evening is Sagia Monroe with her tribute to Celion Dion.
Sagia has many tribute artists up her sleeve and a few surprises to delight her audience. Sagia graduated from UCWS in Modeling and became aspiring new Model 2012 and a Ms Beautiful Finalist.  Further modeling education included Audace Basic & Advanced Training, graduate 2012, Maniera U Graduate 1/2013, MVW Graduate 6/2013 and FMU Graduate 6/2014.
She is the Co-Owner and Fashion Show Director of Southern Style Modeling Agency and instructor for the school, Simplicity Academy.   Co-owner of ShowStyle Entertainment.  A DJ & Tribute Show Entertainer with "Swinging with Sagia"." And, a host for Frank's Jazz Club and a Starlite Dancer.

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