Saturday, 11 April 2015

No Venue Tip Jar?

During the events people kept asking me where the venue tip jar is and I told them "I don't have one, give it to the performer please" and then they asked why I refuse to have one. I drive La Freese nuts because I don't have a sign explaining why heheh. Sorry La.

Okay so here are the reasons that I won't have one.

1) When I visit a sim or venue and they have a jar with neon hover text telling me that tier fees cost a fortune and that I should donte if I want it to stay, I think to myself "Why did you pay the rent initially if you wanted other people to pay for the darn thing"

2) People don't come to the venue to see me, they come to see the artists. Tip the performer, not the venue. If there are no performers, there is no the venue. If there is no venue, I can't help any more people.

3) I opened the Theatre because I enjoy what I do in second life. It's my escape. I can't expect someone else to pay for my enjoyment. It was my choice, my decision therefore, I pay for it.

4) I hate money. I don't think it's necessary. If we all give and take, we all benefit. Yes there are those who are take take take but those people are easy to spot so you get rid of them. Let them go play with the money grabbers. Over at the Koi, we give and take and help each other. I appreciate that people want to help and also show their gratitude but I would rather they did it without money.

5) If anyone wants to help me they can do it by supporting what I am trying to do, This can be done by spreading the word. Performers can help and at the same time help themselves. Come and perform at the Koi, you get noticed and promoted to a wider audience, I get a performer who doesnt cost me money and the up and coming artists take inspiration from you and the chance to network which in turn gives them a wider audience to get noticed too.

Help me by clicking the VOTE FOR THE VENUE thing outside the door. Help me by coming to watch the performers.
Click the Avatar Social Network advertising board because it not only helps me but helps you too. ASN has more business and personal advertising. promotion, networking and friend finding tools than you can shake a stick at and joining also helps ASN.

Click the buttons on the other board and like the venue on Facebook, Google and Twitter.

If you have any in world skills which could help new performers please join L&G Entertainment as a mentor because myself and La Freese can't do everything ourselves no matter how hard we try.

If you are a mesh head and are willing to make outfits for the theatre plays, stage sets etc, volunteer. I would be extremely happy to have you on board with us.

I am not asking anyone to give without giving back. I will return the favour however I can. I do not assign an 'equal value' concept to things, With me its a case of I need this and you need that so it's a fair swap. Again, I know there are people who try to use this to their advantage but hey, I didn't just get off the bus you know.

All of the above are more valuable to me, the performers and the Bamboo Koi than cash.

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