Sunday, 26 April 2015

Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening is the romantic side of the Bamboo Koi Theatre. We hold regular events including Ballroom dancing, Swing, Jazz, Live performers and DJ's,
In addition to the live performances we also have Theatre productions, Ballet. and outdoor festivals.

Throughout the year we will be holding specific Enchanted Evening / Match Maker events so keep an eye on our calendar
The Matchmaker HUD increases the chance of finding your perfect partner and it's FREE.
Wear the HUD, enter your details and off you go. When a match enters the range set by you your heart begins to flutter, informing you just how close a match your potential partner actually is. From that point on it is entirely up to you what happens next.

For the romantic in you, take a walk through the theatre to the Rooftop Bistro or next door into the Piano lounge where you can read a magazine until your partner arrives to whisk you off your feet for a lovely evening.

The grounds are currently being developed to provide a more romantic setting and we hope that you will enjoy your time here as you begin and hopefully continue your new romance.

These new and entertaining events are designed for quality,  fun romantic evenings aimed at long term relationship rather than one night stands
We hope to see many of you enjoying them in the unique and friendly setting provided by the Bamboo Koi Theatre.

Best Wishes


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