Thursday, 16 April 2015

Today @ The Bamboo Koi Thursday 16th April

Yesterday we took a Parisienee soiree with the help of Frederique who's lovely accent filled the room.
Today I would be delighted if you would join me on a wold tour.

At 11am slt we begin our trip in the US of A with American / Italian singer songwriter, Nino D'amore and his Frank Sinatra Jazz style.

Nino can switch from smooth Jazz to rock and roll as easy as pie and as the tempo changes he whisks us through Sppain and onwards to Italy. Nino is a seasoned second life performer and will e serenading us for the first hour of the day.

At 2pm slt  we continue or journey East into Russia and the turn of the century as Anna Pavlova brings the very first dance show to the Bamboo Koi Theatre entitled Voices of Spring.

Anna, taking the name of her Ballet idol who came to fame in the late19th, early 20th century makes her debut with her interpretation of the coming of Spring.
Anna has worked hard to create this performance from scratch, putting together beautiful scenery and some surprisingly subtle visual effects to accompany her dance

On the stroke of 3pm slt we board aeroflot flight 317 and return to Europe as we head down to Portugal.
We started the day with old blue eyes, spent an hour at the ballet with a historical legend and we finish with an angel. A fadista to be precise.

Yslea is another second life debut artist and is a traditional portuguese fado singer and as soon as she starts singing you can hear the passion and feeling that she puts into her songs.

Last night she told me that she was nervous. When you hear her sing you will wonder why.

The dress code for all three of todays events is formal

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