Saturday, 11 April 2015

Today at The Bamboo Koi Theatre

It's the final day of the grand opening folks and we are going out in cascade of sparkling light

First up at Noon slt is Parmellio AKA King Ploppy

Singer songwriter who has been performing for 25 years. Blues, Rock, psychedelic, rock, soul, folk and country  bands have all had the benefit of Pamello and his guitar. He does sing covers but you have to hit him with a stick to get them. Pamello excels with his own compositions so don't force the issue. Just enjoy the show

2pm slt Telima Mo Anam Cara

At 1pm we welcome to the stage Teliima.
Started her real life singing career at the age of 5; her sl career a few years ago at the karaoke lounge on voice and now has her own youtube channel.
This lady could sing the roof off and often does, astounding the audience with her voice
Don't miss this one folks
Dress code semi formal to formal
Bring your partners and take to the dance floor

3pm slt Chang High Sisters

Closing our opening days and night we have the renowned Chang High Sisters Fireshow.
A real show girl performance by the Sisters to round of events. Turn your settings to nighttime and enjoy lots of sparkles and acrobatics as the Sisters run through their routine. All the animations used in their performance were designed by the girls and professionaly made for SL so that they could bring their real life circus act to the virtual world

We are 3 sisters who has created and designed a very unique and extremely powerful circus/fire-dancing show.
We perform in rotating trapezes, on high wire, acrobats podiums and on rolling balls.
We dance on walking elephants and do many very unique acrobatic animations, reality fire juggling, fire Hula hoops, high tight wire walk and fire dance... all colored by effects of many different kinds, all created, scripted and available inside Second Life, such as fire balls, particles, smoke, effects (FX) ,and other kinds of realistically living light. 
"We like to  offer you  a most amazing circus, acrobatic fireshow"

Another great one to wow the kids and adults alike
The ChangHigh Sisters have performed over 200 live performances in the last 7 years

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